About us

We are pleased to inform you that Mystery Domes, founded in the year 2017 in UAE is an organization that specializes in implementing innovative pedagogical concepts pan UAE level in schools that are affiliated to CBSE, ICSE or Foreign Boards. To begin with it is Astronomy: which has universal reach, appeal and applicability. We are associated with Astronomers, Science Communicators, Scientists and Educationists to implement astronomy in school system through Planetarium Education.
DMM Space ( experience of moe than 7 years in portable domes ) is our technology, equipment content and training partners for outreach programs.

It would be worth to mention here that we have liberated more than 600 schools across India and in the middle-east affiliated national and foreign boards from the intrinsic practical impediments of astronomy / stargazing through our various planetarium outreach and teacher training programs.Exclamation

Together we are the largest planetarium outreach organisation in India, Bahrain and UAE.


Portable Planetarium will be placed at your venue equipped with 3D shows @ 360 degree view with immersive experience.


Solar System

Back to the Moon for Good

Earth Wild Ride

International Space Station

One World One Sky

Black Holes

Solar System Rhymes

Animated Planet Shows

Rovers on Mars


We Bring Universe to YOU! (save on the expense and head ache of an offsite trip)

We encourage an interest in Science among students!

Separate shows have been designed for KG1 to 12 !

Helps instant learning about Astronomy Concepts, when you can see sky projected on a 360 degree DOME!

Excellent learning Tools for Teachers!

it’s a different way to see things visually versus the textbooks!

Focuses on Engaging and Entertaining Students!

Don’t miss out the chance to interact with Planets, Stars, Galaxies and other objects in our Universe!
Don’t worry about the weather, it all happens in your School Hall!