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We all love to go to the Movie Theatres but do you know that the nature plays movies for each one of us in the biggest theatre called the SKY and that too for everyone to learn, enjoy and appreciate!! Unfortunately, intrinsic practical impediments associated with star gazing makes it impossible to implement astronomy in school system the world over thus depriving the students from the simplest of observations like identifying a constellation or a star.
It is in the above context we would like to introduce Mystery Domes Digital Mobile Planetarium as a teaching aid that pedagogically empowers the teaching fraternity and liberates them from the practical impediments of star gazing.

It is a cinema, theater and school all rolled in to one and unlike a fixed or mirror dome planetarium:

1, Shows are customized class/age wise, regularly updated, and designed for the students from PreKG to Class XII (age 1 to 16 years), keeping in mind their acumen.Exclamation

2, Each new academic year a student participates in a new and progressive show that not only covers topics from the school curriculum but also a lot more that is there in the universe to discover, explore and learn.

3, Each participating student gets a memorable life time experience.

4, Average show duration is 40 minutes.

5, No tedious field trip required as the shows are embedded in the school time table.

6, It can be scaled up to desired topographical, demographical and pedagogical level.

Here's a glimpse of the magic MYSTERY DOMES has to offer.

A peek inside our very our PlanetariumExclamation
See it to believe itExclamation

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